Welcome to Our Lady's Catholic Primary School, Barnstaple

I would like to welcome you to Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School website.  At Our Lady’s we value each child as unique individual whose full potential can be developed in a community which has Christ at its heart. The school is built on British values that are rooted in Gospel values:

Humility - seeing life as a gift

Compassion - empathy

Kindness - gentleness

Justice- working for a fairer world

Forgiveness - reconciliation

Integrity - do what you say

Peace - committed to peace making, non violence

Courage - standing up for the truth

We are an inclusive school, serving the most vulnerable of our community whilst ensuring that all children reach their potential and are ready for their next stage of their learning.  We welcome visits so we can show more about our ethos and values.

With best wishes.

Rob Meech

Executive Headteacher