The History curriculum at Our Lady’s provides all children with coherent and chronological substantive knowledge of the history of Britain and the wider world.

The curriculum has three concepts:

Quest for knowledge

How do people understand the world around them? What is believed; what is known; what scientific and technological developments are made at the time? How is knowledge stored and shared? What shapes people’s views about the world?

Power, empire and democracy

Who holds power, and what does this mean for different people in the civilisations? How is power wielded and legitimised? How are people’s rights different in different historical contexts?

Community and family

What is life like for people in different societies? How are these societies structured? How are family and community roles and relationships different in different historical contexts?

The history curriculum teaches pupils about civilisations from across the world, and always incorporates the experiences – positive and negative – of ethnic minorities in the history of Britain.

The curriculum is grounded in core disciplinary and procedural knowledge, and the ability to approach challenging, historically-valid questions, giving pupils the ability to learn how to think, read and write like a historian.