The geography curriculum at Our Lady's Catholic Primary School seeks to build substantive knowledge in a gradual way using subject specific pedagogy.
The substantive knowledge children learn is selected so children develop three strands that run through the curriculum from EYFS to Year 6.
Space and Place

Developing an understanding of space through ideas related to location, distribution, pattern and distance.

Developing a sense of place and character through ideas related to identity, home, community, landscapes and diversity, and examining a range of case studies from across the globe.

Physical Processes

How the Earth’s natural processes shape and change the surface of the Earth. This includes both Geology & Earth Science aspects, such as the structure of the Earth and physical features we see on the land, as well as Environmental Science aspects, such as the weather and our changing climate. Both of these are threaded through the science curriculum too.

Human Processes

The processes and phenomena that are caused by or relate to people, including out Use of Resources; the distribution and changes to Population & Communities; and the features of Economy & Development.

Explicit teaching of core disciplinary knowledge gives children the ability to engage with increasingly challenging geographical questions.  These skills are sequenced across our year groups and where appropriate they will build on relevant knowledge that is taught in mathematics or science.  

Our curriculum gives children opportunities to carryout fieldwork.  These opportunities will allow children to explicitly practise relevant disciplinary knowledge as well as reinforcing substantive knowledge.