It's great to be back at school, celebrating a new year. We have already celebrated Epiphany and will soon be celebrating Chinese new year. It is the year of the dragon, which is the luckiest year in the Chinese calendar.  


We are also reading some classic books.  We will read Whatever Next, The Bear Hunt, Rosie’s Walk and Each Peach Pear Plum. We cannot underestimate the importance of stories and nursery rhymes to build children's language skills, as well as being fun and bonding.


We will be fully embracing the garden. This new area has been brilliant for the children. They have been so imaginative and free in their play. They use the whole space, they have been so active and energetic. Their friendships have really developed. They are developing resilience and negotiation skills. It really helps that you have all been so supportive; in providing equipment and being pleased to see the children have had a good time. We feel very privileged to have parents that prioritise their children's well being over being immaculately clean!


Many children are going through toilet training at the moment, the website ERIC has some great advice for toilet training. The optimum time for toilet training is around 2 years old. Leaving it too long can make the process harder. It helps the children develop their independence if they have easy to wear clothes. Tracksuit bottoms are the easiest for the children to manage. Lots of spare clothes helps too. 


Don’t forget to turn off the TV sometimes! Background noise can be really distracting for children and even delay their speech development. Screen time should be kept to an absolute minimum. Your child needs YOU, not a screen! The speech therapy service has a very long waiting list, and their number one piece of advice is turn off the TV and PLAY. This time goes so quickly, so enjoy every minute. We are here to support you, and are delighted to share this part of your child’s journey. Please ask us any questions.


We hope to have another parent open day session around February, near half term.


The Barn A B's Team

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