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'There is a clear sense of community at all levels which is evident in the quality of relationships that exist between adults and pupils in this welcoming, supportive, inclusive community'. 

S48 Inspection March 2020




We were very lucky to have been contacted by a Pastor David Kay from Barnstaple Reformed Baptist Church in the local area who wanted to give each one of the children in our school a bible to take home.  Pastor David and his wife came to school, shared an assembly and then gave each child a bible in commemoration of the coronation of King Charles.  The children were delighted and wrote thank you letters.  We hope to welcome Pastor David and friends back soon.

Big Lent Walk


During Lent our whole school community is taking part in CAFOD's Big Lent Walk. We will be raising awareness and praying for communities in Bangladesh to adapt to the challenge of climate change. We have decided to set ourselves the challenge of walking as far as we can as a school community with aiming for each person to walk at least a mile. In the end we walked over 300 miles.  Go Team Our Lady's! 

Come and share the photos of our day.

CAFOD Workshops
On Monday 26th February we welcomed our CAFOD representative Mrs Trott for some Lenten workshops.  We had a fabulous time learning all about our friends all over the world and how we could help and support each other. The children made some wonderful posters as a way of remembering their lenten pledge.

Norah Bellot Court


As part of our Intergenerational Project our Chaplains visited Norah Bellot Court to meet some residents. They had a fabulous time and joined them for refreshments and games.  We got to know them and then sent them a Christmas cards.  We were delighted to receive Christmas cards back.  We have put some dates in the diary for future visits and look forward to seeing our friends again soon. 

Laudato Si Poster Competition

Our Lady’s School Chaplaincy held a Laudato Si Poster Competition where they invited the children to colour in a poster and write a pledge to help look after their world in response to the Pope’s request.  We would like to congratulate the winners who are:

Gabi, Liam, Amelia, Jack, Tong, PJ, Liana

Thank you to all who took part in this very special competition

Chaplaincy Team