Welcome to the spring term of Puffin Class! ☺ 


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and were able to have a well earned break with your families. We have had a fantastic start to the Summer Term and Puffin class have been super excited to learn together. 


This term we will continue to work with Fred frog during our Read, Write, Inc phonics sessions. We will consolidate our previous sounds and begin to learn new sounds. This will enable  the building of fluency when reading and understanding of texts. As well as supporting us with our writing. 


Some of us are also learning through Fred’s teaching where we revise sounds and then go on to look at different books.  Firstly we answer a range of questions, then we look at the vocabulary used and then we take a deeper look at the book and answer questions that we have to think more deeply about.


We have started the new year reading the book Reptiles. Puffin class have enjoyed learning about Reptiles and are looking to write our own non-fiction text about Toys.


As mathematicians we will be focusing on fractions, time, problem solving, position and direction and finishing off with statistics


As geographers we will be looking at hot and cold deserts.  We will look at the conditions and their locations on the globe.


As historians we will be learning through the topic ‘Great Fire of London’ where we will be looking at the history of London and all the factors at the time.  We will also be making our own houses from the time and hopefully setting fire to them in our playground.


As scientists we will be exploring the uses of everyday materials. Exploring the properties of materials and what jobs certain materials are just right for. 


During RE, Puffins are learning about books and how valuable the bible is when it comes to finding out all about the lives of Jesus and his disciples. 


As artists we will be looking at artists such as Pablo Picasso and Emily Howarth-Booth and how they use colour and tone in their art to create some wonderful pieces.  


We are so excited to share our learning with the rest of the school and to our families and friends as we enjoy our year as Puffins. 


Mrs Cohen and the Puffin Class Team