Our intent for P.E. and Sport at Our Lady's

 At Our Lady's School, we strongly believe that children should understand the importance of undertaking physical activity in order to develop a healthy lifestyle and the benefits that come from this. It is also important to us that they develop a lifelong love for being physically active and for participating in sport and exercise. Our aim is for all children to have equal access to high quality PE provision across the school, as well as many extra-curricular opportunities. We are members of the Pilton Community Learning Partnership School Games and compete in a wide range of sporting competitions against other local primary schools.

Each class is timetabled to have two sessions of curriculum PE a week. All KS2 classes have 6 weeks of swimming lessons with top-up swimming lessons for children in Y6 to ensure they can swim 25m.

Our PE curriculum ensures that the children progress and improve their physical skills capabilities by undertaking a range of different sports and active education that cover all of the elements of the National Curriculum and develop their cores skills.

Our wide ranging PE curriculum and extra-curricular sporting opportunities help every child to flourish and enable us to embed our core gospel values such as courage, humility, kindness and integrity


We want:

  • Every child to take part in every PE lesson;
  • At least 75% of pupils to attend a minimum of 1 out of school sporting event annually;
  • To increase participation rates in our after school sports club provision to 70%.

Long Term Objectives. Our Lady's will plan spending carefully to ensure a sustainable future for P.E and sport. 

Current spending can be viewed on the website.

Future spending will be decided through consultation with stakeholders, requiring careful consideration