A big welcome back to Robin Class, and to what will be a fun and exciting term! The sun is shining and we will aim to partake in as much leaning as we can outside of the classroom!

Throughout the term, we will continue to revise the Phase 3 Letters and Sounds programme, progressing on to Phase 4 reading. Our focus text will be ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, which we will access through focused literacy lessons and through continuous provision activities. We will learn the story by heart using Talk for Writing actions and story maps, leading to us writing our own stories. Through this text, we will focus on size, measuring and weight in maths. In understanding the world, we will learn about forests and the animals that live there. We will also have a visit from Mr Patchett the policeman to find out about who helps us in our community.

In PSHE, we will focus on relationships; being kind, helpful and caring. We will talk about ‘stranger danger’, and think about why we should tell the truth. Also this term, we will be on preparing the children for Year 1. We will be encouraging independence towards both learning and self-organisation wherever possible!

In RE, we will be looking at Pentecost and Mission, other faiths and ‘big questions’ the children might be wondering about.

Below are further details of what we are working on in different curriculum areas during the Summer Term.

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Robin Class RHS Garden Rosemoor Trip 17.4.18

The Robins had a fantastic time at the gardens this week! We took part in a workshop to learn all about how plants grow, and then went exploring the gardens using our magnifying glasses to find some beautiful flowers and plants!

We later had time to visit other areas of the gardens, and had a great time exploring the pond and vegetable garden. We even had time to go on the pirate ship and in ‘The Brash’ play area!

The Robins were beautifully behaved, listened carefully, and set a wonderful example of our school when out in public! What a fabulous day, despite a bit of rain!

Remember to check your child's online journey by logging onto Tapestry.
If you require any help with this please see on of the Robin team!
Below are details of the areas we are working on during Summer Term.