Autumn in Swallow Class.


The final year has come so quick, 

Bags packed and ready to see what the last thirty-nine weeks bring, 

New drinks bottles, bags and shoes,

That same old funny-tummy feeling.


Songs you may have never heard playing to start the day, 

A quick morning challenge to warm your brain,

Guided Reading, Spellings and English lessons start, 

Before the chatter and freedom of breaktime. 


Back in for some problem solving in Maths, 

Before Miss Newcombe’s dramatic performance of our class reader,

Lunchtime looms and delicious smells fill the air,

Handwashing then lunchboxes come out, devoured. 


Afternoon excitement revolves around RE, History, Geography and Science,

Tired brains begin to creep in after a long summer break, 

Afternoons grow shorter as night time arrives quickly, 

Hometime. Ready for the next, fun-filled day.



Miss Newcombe