The first two weeks back are going to be some of the most important weeks of Swallow Class’ time in primary school. We will be revising hard preparing for our SATS. The attitude towards SATS before Easter was outstanding and everyone did incredibly well in their mocks. Everyone is handling the situation with plenty of maturity and determination. 

I am really looking forward to seeing what the final term of Our Lady’s has in store. There is lots planned and so, all going well, we can have a sense of normality to the ending of the children’s time here. 

In English, the plan is to look at writing newspaper articles and then moving on to myths and legends.  

RE will include the study of Pentecost, reconciliation and the amazing work CAFOD does.. This is really important for children, especially as they begin their ascent into the community. Humanities is continuing to look at OS Maps and the skills we need in Geography ready for KS3 and we will move on to the study of Ancient Greeks and the legacies they left behind. 

There are plenty of fun opportunities including our residential, work around the Queen’s platinum jubilee and some fun science experiments.

Transition will be of utmost importance and we will complete this through PSHE sessions and informal chats and conversations. We have visits planned from Park and Pilton and children going to other schools can access transition days, if applicable.


Miss Newcombe