Welcome to year 6. What a brilliant start we’ve had! Everyone has settled in really well.

This year is extremely important for Swallow class. I have high expectations of them and after the first week, am confident they’ll rise to the challenges ahead!

Our topic this term is The Tudors. In science we are learning about electricity. We will continue to learn French in MFL with Madame Jaye from Pilton Community College.

This year’s subjects will consolidate and expand previously learned skills and knowledge. Children will have regularly changed targets in class to help them achieve their own individual potential.

If you need to see me, feel free to call in at the end of the school day or telephone the school office and leave a message for me to call you. I also check my e mails regularly if you don’t need to see me in person.

We will stay in regular contact with Park and Pilton Schools and during year 6, children will meet transition staff from both schools. Dates are already in the diary for transition visits.

I’m really excited about what I hope will be a happy and successful year with your children. Thank you for your supportive role in helping Swallows have a truly brilliant year.


Mrs Chavasse