School Dinners

At Our Lady's we are pleased to offer all children and staff a freshly prepared meal everyday! 
Meal prices are £2.34 or £1.55 if your child is in the nursery.  Everyday there will be a main meal option, a vegetarian option and a jacket potato option.  We have a delicious selection of puddings or the children can have  yogurt and fruit if they prefer.
 All KS1 are entitled to a free school dinner as part of the Government's Universal Infant Meal scheme.
If you think your children qualify for free school dinners please contact the office.
 ALL KS1 children are entitled to a free piece of fruit everyday.

As well as offering the main option, a vegetarian option and a jacket potato, there will be a daily hot tomato pasta with cheese option.  

Please note - we return to school on Monday 25th April on Week 2 of the dinner menu.  
Tuesday and Wednesday on this menu each week should be swapped around.  Tuesday remains as our Roast Dinner day.  Thank you.