A big welcome to our first term in Robin Class! 

This term, our learning topic will be ‘journeys.’

We will explore the idea of our journey into school and becoming a Robin through our Personal, Social and Emotional Development Programme, ‘New Beginnings.’  We will learn the rules and expectations of Robin Class and Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, as well as making new friendships and talking about our interests and needs. From the very first day, we will be fostering independent and an excellent attitude to learning, working in partnership with parents.

We will then move onto looking at journeys through number, rhyme and stories. Our key texts will support the children as they start to their daily phonics teaching, and support their developing language and communication skills.

Later in the term, we will look at journeys and different modes of transport. We will explore the journey of a firework and one child’s journey through the festival of Diwali. As we approach Christmas, we will learn the story of Mary and Joseph, and follow their journey to Bethlehem.

Remember to check your child's online journey by logging onto Tapestry.
If you require any help with this please see on of the Robin team!
Below are details of the areas we are working on during the Autumn Term.