Welcome to a new school year.  We have been working hard to make sure that all our learning is linked to one another to really deepen each child’s understanding. 


We are about to get immersed within the rainforest and all that lives there in our Geography based humanities topic.  In Art we will become inspired by the artwork of Henri Rousseau who enjoyed creating atmospheric paintings of the jungle.  Our Science topic is Plants and we will be looking at the parts of the plant and how different plants survive in the different layers of the rainforest.  After the half term we will be travelling closer to home with the history topic of the Industrial Revolution.  This will build on their knowledge of monarchs from Year 2.


We are continuing with our Maths scheme, Power Maths and we will be working hard at learning our times tables in preparation for Year 4.  


In year three we try to foster independence, responsibility and pride in our work.  We will be enjoying as many different class novels as we can this year, please try and share and enjoy as many books at home as possible.  


Mrs Tucker and Mrs Hynes