In Owl Class, we have been fully immersing ourselves in the world of fairytales! As part of our whole school topic, ‘Once Upon A Time’, we learned and performed the story of The Three Little Pigs in assembly using Talk for Writing. We re-told the story using actions and a story map. We used the story to help us create lots of different pieces of independent writing, including a ‘wanted’ report and a postcard from an onlooker about when they saw the wolf on the roof of the pig’s house! Finally, we created our own stories using the Talk for Writing structure.

“This is so fun! I like making up my own characters and telling my own story” – Harvey.

As part of this topic, we have also been busy researching and investigating. We found out which material makes the best waterproof roof; found the perimeter of each little pig’s house; and even discovered that the story was first published in the Victorian times! So, we took a look around a Victorian house and even designed a new home for the pigs to live in!

For the last few weeks, we will now continue our journey into the woods as we start to look at the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We will compare and contrast the character of the Big bad Wolf in each story before transforming Owl Class into the deep, dark woods...