We have already begun our topic for this term which is called Caring for Our Home and is based on the letter from The Pope to world called Laudato Si’, calling for us to look after the planet. Even though this is a whole school topic it will look very different in each class and for us we are beginning with bees and their importance for the food we eat. The topic also links very well into science which is science. It will be a very hand on topic as not only will we be learning about this incredibly important subject but we will be thinking about the action we can take to make a difference.

We have already begun to learn our new text in English, it s a mystery story called Alien Landing. Although the children will learn, innovate and invent their own stories we will also use the perspective of what aliens think of Planet Earth. We will also share a wide variety of non-fiction texts to support our topic. The first is called What if there were no bees and from this we will be writing to local garden centers to ask for gardening donations.

It’s going to be a great term!


Mrs Harding and Mrs Tucker