Welcome to Owl Class 2023 - 2024.  

We have had a great start to Year 3 and are looking forward to an exciting journey through our Curriculum over the coming year.

We continue to work through our whole-school Maths scheme, Power Maths, for daily lessons, but we will also focus on learning times tables to aid our readiness for Year 4. 

Throughout the year, we will use English units of work that cover a range of text-types across non-fiction, narrative and poetry genres.  Our aim is for children to enjoy  books as a stimulus or model for their own writing.  Grammar, Spelling and Vocabulary will also be taught.

Currently, we are stepping back in time to learn about Prehistoric times with a focus on The Stone Age to Iron Age and how life in Britain changed during this early time in History.  We will develop childrens’ use of composing questions and then use Primary or Secondary sources to investigate them.

We hope to deepen learning opportunities across Year 3 and as a result, we are linking the pupils’ Artwork to our History topic this term. The children will study early cave paintings and explore different media and techniques to create their own - they are already very excited by this!

In Science, we will focus on learning enquiry skills alongside scientific knowledge.  Being able to ask questions and work out how to test them out is vital throughout KS2. 

Throughout Y3,  fostering pupils’ independence, resilience and sense of responsibility will be core aims for the coming year.  In terms of written work,  we will encourage pride and care at all times so exercise books are to the highest possible standard.   Correctly formed and positioned letters will support our journey into joined handwriting.

Owl Class is already enjoying story time.  As a class, we will read a variety of different class novels.  We also hope you will share and enjoy as many books at home as possible. Please get in touch if you would like any recommendations for reading for pleasure texts and authors.


Mrs Everett and Mrs Tucker