Online safety

At Our Lady’s, we believe that learning about on-line safety is a vital life skill.

Empowering children at an early age with the knowledge to safeguard themselves and their personal information is something that needs to be nurtured throughout school to see them into adult life.

Please use the links below to learn more about on-line safety.

 If you or your child wish to report an incident please use the CEOP button on the bottom of any page on this website.

Alternatively report it to the class teacher.


On-Line Safety Update - March 2021

Please be aware that due to the recent lockdowns and increase in online activity there has been an increase in live streaming and social media platforms. Many of these platforms/websites/apps are not suitable for children and unfortunately many sites are not following the correct protocols i.e. no age verification in place. This can make it very easy for anyone to join inappropriate sites. We strongly encourage you to review your parent controls, this website explains how to set up parent controls at home: