Happy New Year!


After a well-earned break, Kingfishers have settled back into school and are working hard. We enjoy our afternoon of swimming each week and some of us have been selected for sporting events, of which we are very proud.


We have started the year learning about poetry and The Sea by James Reeves is inspiring us across the curriculum. We have linked our learning to artistic and musical interpretations of the sea. Our understanding of factors, multiples, prime and composite numbers has really improved and we will be spending the rest of the term consolidating our understanding of multiplication and division, applying this to are, perimeter and problem solving. Mapping will be our focus in geography and in Science we are learning about the mysteries of space. Luckily, we are indoors for PE this term, improving our gymnastic skills, earning how to sequence moves and balance. In RE we are exploring community and church to understand what it means to belong to God’s family and in art we are using the local artist Jo Pryor as inspiration for the use of pattern and texture.


We have a busy term ahead and are well out of the starting blocks for a very productive spring!


The Kingfisher Team