Welcome to the spring term of Heron Class! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year with your families. We have had a fantastic start to the Spring Term and Heron class have been super excited to learn and play together. 

This term we will continue to work with Fred frog during our Read, Write, Inc phonics sessions. We will consolidate our previous sounds and begin to learn new sounds. This will enable to build fluency when reading and understanding of texts. As well as supporting us with our writing. 

We have started the new year reading The Naughty Bus. Heron class have enjoyed exploring the images and fonts in the text whilst learning to retell the story. We have had our own Naughty bus visit the classroom and our looking forward to writing our own stories. 

As mathematicians we will be focusing on numbers to 20. We will explore tens and ones within numbers before using this knowledge to add and subtract.


As historians we are exploring ‘Nurturing Nurses’. We will learning about significant nurses including Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and the impact they have had on nursing today. We are looking forward to caring for our friends in our hospital role play area. 

As scientists we will be exploring the season of winter before learning about different materials and their different properties. We will be participating in different experiments to work out what materials are best for different purposes. 

During RE, Herons are learning about our community and the wonderful people within it. We will think about who helps our school community before exploring the Church community and who is involved.

As artists we will apply our learning of colour to complete printing and collaging focusing on the artist Henri Matisse. 

This term we will continue our discovery learning in the afternoons. We will use our discovery passports and clipboards to complete provision tasks linked to our learning through play. 

We are so excited to share our learning with the rest of the school and to our families and friends as we enjoy our year as Herons. 

Miss Knill and the Heron Class Team