Welcome to the summer term of Heron Class! ☺ 


This term we are looking forward to spending lots of time outside in the sunshine. We are excited to work as a team and have a fun term.


We will continue to work with Fred Frog to learn and practice our sounds. We will be using Fred Fingers and Fred talk to read and write. We have lots of new books to read and we will be thinking about or story telling voices. As mathematicians we will be focusing on place value to 100 and using our knowledge of number to solve problems. We will also engage with lots of practical maths to explore position, direction, measurement and money. We will start humanities focusing on ‘Marvellous Maps’. As geographers we will be exploring the world, maps, symbols and key geographic skills. As scientists we will be exploring different materials and using our scientific enquiry skills to ask questions. During RE, we will be learning about Holidays and Holydays, thinking about the Holy Spirit. As artists we will be refining our drawing skills and exploring the skill of collage through different artists including Mondrian and Matisse. 


This term we will continue our discovery learning in the afternoons. We will use our discovery passports and clipboards to complete provision tasks linked to our learning through play. 


We are so excited to share our learning with the rest of the school and to our families and friends as we enjoy the Summer term. 


Miss Knill and the Heron Class Team ☺