Eagle Class have been working on The Three Little Pigs for their Topic work this term. We have been using Talk for Writing, which means we use actions to narrate the words to the story so it helps us remember the plot. We have created story maps to remind us of the story too. With a real focus on writing, we have created lots of opportunities to put pen to paper and we have written post cards, balanced arguments and book reviews. As a class we mashed the story up and developed our very own, personalised version called 'The Three Little Pencils and the Dangerous, Ferocious Sharpener'. We are now creating our own independent versions. Some of these include: The Three Little Acorns and the Big Bad Squirrel, The Three Little Snowmen and the Big Bad Sun and The three little Huskies and the Big, Poisonous Strawberry. We look forward to a surprise fairy tale that we will be looking at next.