It's great to be back at school, celebrating a new year.


We have already celebrated Epiphany and will soon be celebrating Chinese new year. An important part of celebrating is gathering together. We have missed being together through pandemic times, but we remain cautious keeping up good hand and respiratory hygiene. Always phone in if your child is not well.


We are also reading some classic books. Rosie’s Walk and the Three Little Pigs are two examples of the stories we will be learning about. We cannot underestimate the importance of stories and nursery rhymes to build children's language skills.


We have been fortunate enough to have had some money from a grant to buy more wet weather gear. We will be exploring our wooded area, and the neighborhood streets as the term goes on.


Many children are going through toilet training at the moment, the website ERIC has some great advice for toilet training. The optimum time for toilet training is around 2 years old. Leaving it too long can make the process harder.


Safeguarding is an important part of our work. One aspect of this is making sure your child is safely collected. Always let us know if someone different will be collecting your child.


We hope to have a great term, with lots of socialising, making friends, learning new things, learning to manage emotions and having lots of fun.


The Barn A B's Team

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