We will be looking at traditional tales this term. Stories are such an important part of life, community and learning. We have chosen Little Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs and The Billy Goats Gruff.

All these stories have good guys and bad guys. We will look at these characters, and we will gently incorporate ‘hiding from bad guys’ into our emergency lockdown drill (in the case of an outside threat). We have talked to the children about how we have a fire practice, but have never had a fire. We hide from the wolf, but we’ve never seen a wolf. The children love hide and seek and making dens. The lockdown practice is useful for us adults, so that we know that we would have a universal plan should the worst happen.

For RE we will learn about the wise men looking for Jesus at epiphany and investigate our local church community. We will look at ways various communities celebrate.

Ways you can help:-


  • See if grandparents, uncles and aunties can remember and tell the traditional tales.


  • Keep practising number skills of counting, comparing and matching. We will be doing lots of counting to 3, and beyond.


  • Talk about the jobs family and friends do, and point out other jobs people do, such as the bus driver, shop assistants and so on.


  • Explore different farm animals and the noises they make.

As always, come and see us if you have any questions.


The Barn A B's Team

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