Welcome to 2020. A year of change for the country as it leaves the European union. Luckily for us, nothing much will change. We will provide the children with the same, consistent care and support as always. 
Community is important for people everywhere, and as a Catholic school, community is of utmost value to us. Being tolerant, compassionate and non judgemental are qualities that we constantly aspire to uphold. 
We are learning about our community this term, about the people that help us, jobs people do, and the faith in Jesus that encourages us. 
We hope to have visitors from the church. We want to visit different people in our school community and find out about their contribution to our life.
We will have exciting opportunities as a school community to find out more about our collective and individual emotional and mental wellbeing, throughout mental health week. We are looking forward to celebrating world book day with a colourful theme, more details later. 
 Keep updated through the website, through the newsletter and tapestry. 
Remember to check your child's online journey by logging onto Tapestry.
If you require any help with this please see on of the Barn-a-bs team!