Barn a B's are excited about the Queens party! We are going to learn all about parties, including how to make cakes.

We will find out about the queen and where she lives, especially London.
We will have a dressing up in smart clothes day along with the school.

It is also the church’s birthday. Pentecost is when we remember the beginning of the early church when the Holy Spirit came to earth as Jesus’ promised helper. We will visit the church as this is an important part of Our Lady’s school life.

We will also have a Barn-a-b’s bake off. Only in the name of science, of course, to look at how materials change.

CBeebies has some excellent programmes explaining how things work.

Clubs are a great way for children to learn new things. Many children go to gymnastics and early rugby, but there are also nice cooking clubs, and music clubs. Let us know if you and your child do any fun clubs outside of school and we will pass it on.


The Barn A B's Team

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