Communication and interaction are our top priorities in Barn-a-b’s. We are learning about nursery rhymes and songs this term. We wanted to start with familiar songs and rhymes to build on their knowledge from home. Please see our planning information on the website.

Before children can communicate effectively, they need to be able to listen and pay attention. So the work you do at home, playing, listening, looking, encouraging your child, are all so important. Feeling safe and attached to family are the building blocks of all learning. Homework is never as easy or as enjoyable as it is in the early years- cuddles, books, playing in the park, simple everyday activities. It really is a beautiful, special time. Our top tip; avoid screens(tablets, phones, tv) as much as possible. Your children will be glued to them at some point, delay that as long as you can!

We hope you enjoy tapestry, it’s a lovely record of your child’s time at Barn-a-b’s and we love your comments and observations too. And please keep us updated with contact details, information about who will collect etc.

Sign up to parentmail for school updates. Check whether you will be able to get Early Years Pupil Premium, Free school meals, or 30 hours. Jen Wells in the office will help you with hours and finance questions.

We will do a 2 year old check, along with the health visitor. If you have any questions, always come and ask us.


The Barn A B's Team

Remember to check your child's online journey by logging onto Tapestry.
If you require any help with this please see on of the Barn-a-bs team!